Tips To Keeps Pests Out of Your Central Oregon Home

kangaroo mouse central oregonHomeowners can easily prevent pests from their premise by maintaining cleanliness in the home. Pests are fond of dirty environments as such places provide them ample supply of food, water, and a nice hiding place. According Bend Oregon pest control experts, people who tend to leave the food on the floor and never bother emptying your trash can, are more likely to see pest invading their property.

Five Simple Steps

Clean the Yard – Make sure you always keep your yard free from fallen fruits, dead plants, and weeds etc. These are a few things that pests love the most. You must also trim your plants to prevent the pests from hiding themselves inside them. Also, clear any container that is holding water in it. Standing water can be the potential home for such as flies and mosquitoes. By keeping your yard clean, you will be able to prevent pests from reaching your home.

Keep Your Storage Spaces Clean – It is advised to clean your closet, boxes, containers and drawers periodically. It is important as these places can provide an ideal place for pests to build their nests. Also, clean those areas of your home where you seldom visit at least once a week. This way you can prevent pests from infesting your house.

Free the House from Scraps of Food – If you don’t want to see those unwanted guests in your home, you must free your house from scraps of food. Remember, food is the primary reason why pests want to stay in your home. Therefore, if you want the pests to get out of your house, you must deprive them of food. For this, you need to vacuum your home regularly. Clean all your dishes immediately, wipe your table and also keep the bowls of your pet clean.

Seal the Cracks and Holes – Aside from cleaning, make sure you also seal all the cracks and holes of your house. Mice or rats are able to gain access into your house even through a small hole. Insects can easily enter your house through cracks. Thus, it is ideal to seal the cracks and holes of your home to prevent pests from gaining access to your house.

This becomes especially important during our cold Central Oregon winters when pests start looking for warm places to live.

Professional Pest Control Services – Pest infestations can be one of the worst nightmares, if not addressed timely. Pest can not only damage your belongings, but also your property. Remember, pests hate clean environments and if you keep your surroundings clean, you can surely prevent them from your property.

In case, pest infestation goes beyond your control, you must consult a professional pest control service in Bend, Sisters, and Redmond. We, at Bend Pest Control Pro’s provide a wide range of pest control services to our residential and commercial clients. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to eradicate these nasty pests from your home forever. Call us today to discuss your pest control needs throughout Central Oregon.