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There’s nothing worse in your home than unwanted visitors. Sometimes our homes become the safe shelter for these organisms and they double their population vigorously. Since the population of these organism increases rapidly, you and your family members may face problems of allergic diseases, respiratory diseases and skin problems.

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You also may have sleepless nights. Sometimes, your family’s members may be get infected by minor skin irritations to serious diseases like plague, TB, etc. There are varieties of other diseases also caused.  If you have a pest emergency contact us today!


Carpenter ants can do significant damage to your Central Oregon home. These little guys don’t actually eat any wood, but they will remove plenty in an attempt to build their home. They can get into decks and any other outdoor woodwork.

Odorous House Ants

These guys are out for your food. They’ll show up anytime something is left on the counter for too long. They don’t smell real great either. Probably because they’ve been eating rotten food.


Mice are like the rabbits of the pest world. They tend to multiply rapidly with litters of up to four of five. And little ones are born only nineteen to twenty-one days after mom and dad mate. They then become sexually mature after only six to ten weeks.

House mice tend to breed all year long having up to ten sets of offspring per year. They typically get into home by eating, jumping, or clawing their way in. Trapping them isn’t the best solution. We can help you eliminate the reasons for them entering your home in the first place.


Moles are very common here in Bend and in Central Oregon in general. They create various types of underground tunnels: some are just below the surface, and others are deep beneath the ground. Those just below the surface can be extended by as much as 100 ft per day by an industrious mole.

We find that trapping is the most effective way to eliminate mole problems, but it has to be done right. These little guys are smart and can set off traps without getting caught.


Here in Bend we’re blessed with the Wood Rat (Pack Rat), Norway Rat and Roof Rat. They all have distinct characteristics but they are all a nuisance. These guys can fit into openings as small as half a square inch. Along with mice, they can spread various forms of diseases by coming into direct contact with your food.

But far worse, their urine or feces can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). HPS is very dangerous and can be fatal. It is often transmitted when we breath air contaminated by feces and/or urine or items rats have touched or lived in.

Never or vacuum an area that is littered with mouse or rat droppings, as this may cause the virus to become airborne. Deer mice, with their white bellies and feet, are the main culprit, but to be safe you should avoid all wild rodents.

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These days several chemicals are used in eliminating pests. Since the chemical used during the treatment can have bad effects on your health, hence it is necessary to use the way which will be safe for our health. Using organic compounds is the safest solution of the problem. There are several methods of organically controlling pests and some of these are as follows:

1. Companion planting: It is a popular method. In this method several types of plants are cropped and these plants have mutual benefits for each other. Some of these plants prevent harmful insects and attract useful insects. This method is useful in fields.

2. Another great method is to attract beneficial insects. There are some insects which pray harmful pests and thus they are useful for our crops. You may have these insects in your fields. Ladybug is an example of such insects that feeds on aphids, thrips, beetle larvae, etc and thus useful for us. There are some plants which attract ladybugs in your garden.

3. Organic elimination is the method in which natural pesticides are used which have no bad impacts on our health. Chemical pesticides can cause skin cancer, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, nerve damage, birth defects as well as several other diseases.

4. Old coffee is also used to eliminate these organisms from your health. Some people use turmeric powder & telecom powder in homes.

5. You also can have some special types of herbs in your home in pots to prevent breeding of insects like sage, marigolds, lavender, mint, European goldenrod, wild bergamot and sea lavender.

6. Garlic is also a beneficial plant and it can be kept in pots in our home surrounding.

7. Basil plant is also a useful plant which is useful in organic treatment of pests. It is also beneficial for our health. It repels fleas and mosquitoes in surrounding.

These are some organic pest removal methods which have no bad impacts on our health.  To find out more about our services check out our about us page.

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